An Update of Sorts

Friday, 5 February 2016

Alas, I have managed to only write four blog posts for this year and we have already approached and passed the beginning of February. The plan of content every week is sadly unattainable when you count in school, swimming and the ridiculous amounts of homework that are awaiting me.

In saying that however life has been relatively good. I have bought barely anything new (other than food) except for some lovely binders and stationery from Buy Eco Green  which sells biodegradable products, some mason jars and a great ethical deodorant bar. I have bought no new clothes but rather have spent my time at markets, trawling through the great expanse of cheap but good condition clothing that can be found there.

I also released my ebook (*yay) and have been connecting with thousands of activists from around the world. It has all been rather exciting and I have been working on some new projects. I also reached 10,000 followers on Instagram which was a pretty big moment for me, especially as I have been working super hard on the presentation of my photography.

I have plenty of post ideas that I am excited to write and share with you all, the task will be to actually find time to create them. In the mean can always check out my Instagram (@tiedyedtofu_) to keep up with everything I do.

To a productive week ahead!


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