Project Dominion

A new year deserves a new project. After my ebook I wanted to do something else related to animal rights. Something I could directly do to get animals out of cages. I was looking at images taken by Jo-Anne McArthur and Hannah Gregus and I immediately understood the power of a photo. A single shot can change someone's thoughts on the world. Relatively inspired by this and having chatted to both women I decided to bring this form of activism to Sydney.

Project Dominion.

what it is:

a snap shot of our dominion over animals 
photographic project to capture tragedy 


it's time to expose our dominion over animals in a new light
i refuse to be part of a generation that did nothing 

what i hope to achieve:

local awareness 
to inspire young people to use their passions to fight for animals

what i will do:

Every couple of weeks/any spare time I get I will travel to a new place in which animals are kept. There I will spend a couple of hours documenting our dominion over animals through film and photography. I will come home and upload these photos to this blog. Every photo will be free to be shared. 

how you can help:

If you know of any places in Sydney that would be worthy of me documenting, please email me. 
Sharing the photos

I love photography and film and for a long time I have been thinking about my next project. I wanted to combine my passions and look for something that hasn't happened in Sydney.  Sydney is a bustling city and our use of animals is often over looked. From keeping live animals in restaurants, to aquariums, to petting zoos and animal shows, there is so much right in my home town to document. 


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