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Friday, 8 January 2016

After starting the year with the release of my ebook,  getting back into two hour training sessions in the pool and the pile of homework on my desk, I positively tired. And it's only the 9th of January. Alas, the past week has been incredible and I was determined to kickstart my ethical living year with a trip to the Source Bulk Foods.

The Source Bulk Foods is a brand in Australia which provides bulk buying to customers. Each shop is filled with buckets of various items from chickpeas to chocolate to granola in which the customer can self serve and place their food in brown paper bags or in their own carrying equipment. They also sell liquids and various glass jars.

I bought this new mason jar to house salad, noodles, pasta and anything else I take to school. 

Just a small collection of things Mum and I got when we went. Featured above is coconut shreds, bukhinis and almonds.

We bought some smaller jars to put all the random bits and bobs we have at home in. 

It was a successful day and the great thing was that I noticed that they have shampoo and conditioner as well meaning that I will no longer have to buy both those things in plastic containers. I can now just buy some glass jars and purchase in from the Source Bulk Foods.

To ethical living! 


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