Avalon is a: 
fifteen year old 
over-achieving waffler

who likes: 
reading, tea, goats 
unexpectedly vegan cafes 

who hates: 
eggplant, meat, clusters of holes 
everything wrapped in plastic  

who is trying to: 
live an ethical life in a world of
people who want more and more and more. 

This space is about sustainable living. It’s about the ethics of our food. The way this world works and how one can live with compassion. It’s about empowering young people with the tools to change to world (without the fluff).

It’s the musings of a woman who is sick of consumerism and unsustainable practices. Of how so much is said but little is done. A woman who is sick of the way we treat animals. 

It’s the musings of someone who wants change. Not in the future but right now, at this very moment.  

F.A.Q General 
Where are you from? 
The bustling city of Sydney, AUS. 

What nationality are you? 
Italian and Australian.

Do you speak any other languages?
I speak some french and fluent English. 

How long have you been vegan?
Nearly two years. 

Are you the only vegan in your family? 

If you are not blogging what are you doing? 
I will most likely be catching up on sleep, at school, debating or I’ll be in the pool. I train 5-6 times a week so my time for blogging is limited. 

What are you plans after school?
Travel. Uni: photojournalism or biology. Saving the world. 

Other than animal rights/veganism what else do you stand for? 
I am a feminist. I support lgtbqia+ rights. I am against cultural appropriation and fat shaming. I support human rights.

What do you use to take your photos? 
Most of the time my iPhone 6s. 

F.A.Q Promotions/Help/Social   

Can I send you some products to review/promote? 
If the products are 100% ethical (where they are made, workers' conditions, what they are packaged with etc.) and vegan then send me an email. I am happy to review and promote products which I believe reflect my lifestyle. 

I need help with an assessment/homework, are you able to help?
If it is on veganism or it is animal rights related then yes. I am happy to help. If you send me an email at 3am for help on an assessment that is due the next day then you may as well try your luck elsewhere. 

Can you check out my blog/social media? 
If you ask nicely, yes. I do not give shout-outs to randoms nor do I follow people who ask me to. If I like your blog/social media I will follow you of my own accord. 

I know of an event/product that you may like, can I message you about it? 
If you are a business or simply someone who knows of some good products that I would like please, please, please message me. I am always on the lookout for ethical and vegan products. 

Do you host meet ups? 
Not usually. But I am thinking about some for the future :)

Do you do sponsored posts?
If I like your products I will, I would be very happy to :) 

Would you be interested in writing for (insert blog/magazine)? 
Send me an email and I’ll consider it. I have little time due to swimming and school but if I love your blog/magazine then it wold be a pleasure! 


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